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Trump’s indictment has united the Republican Party in apocalyptic rage

Even Trump’s Republican skeptics are apoplectic about his indictment.

What is an indictment, anyway?

Trump has been indicted. Here’s what that means.

The best precedent for Trump’s indictment is (gulp) Israel

The recent chaos in Israel shows how Trump’s indictment could set America aflame.

Trans people deserve better journalism

How the anti-trans movement took over legacy media.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski-and-run trial is a reminder that stars are not like us

Countersuing an optometrist for a ski slope collision is basically Gwyneth Paltrow’s White Lotus audition.

Elon Musk wants to fill your Twitter feed with paid accounts

It’s a broken version of the digital town square.

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The fake nation of Kailasa

Newark officials rescinded a sister city agreement with the United States of Kailasa after finding out it wasn’t actually a real place. Reporter Sushmita Pathak explains how a fugitive cult leader from India created a fake nation that conned everyday people, government officials, and the UN.

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The indictment adds to a long list of times Republicans have backed Trump

This stream has:

The indictment of Donald Trump: Latest updates

Donald Trump has been indicted. The hush money case against him, explained.

Trump can run for president from prison. Just ask Eugene Debs.

Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

Will Trump’s indictment help or hurt his 2024 campaign?

What is Narcan? The opioid overdose spray, explained.

The lawsuit that threatens everything from cancer screenings to birth control, explained

Migrants were left for dead in a Mexican detention center. Was it a preventable tragedy?

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How Disney just beat Ron DeSantis

The first US journalist was just arrested in Russia since the Cold War

Why train derailments involving hazardous chemicals keep happening

How fake AI images can expand your mind

The media wants the audience’s trust. But is it being earned?

Swarm isn’t a love letter to Black women. It’s hate mail.

Never pay a medical bill without asking these questions first

The influencers getting rich by teaching you how to get rich

How unbelievably realistic fake images could take over the internet

Starbucks won’t admit to breaking the law by union busting

What bullets do to kids


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Medicaid’s “Great Unwinding”

Medicaid’s continuous enrollment, discontinued.

It’s not just Stormy Daniels: The potential federal indictments against Trump, explained

The world’s largest crypto exchange is in trouble with the US government

Serial’s Adnan Syed was finally free. Zoom got his conviction reinstated.

How to test what an AI model can — and shouldn’t — do

Are buy now, pay later services like Klarna and Apple Pay Later a scam?

The RESTRICT Act is more bad news for TikTok

AI leaders (and Elon Musk) urge all labs to press pause on powerful AI

What we know about the Nashville school shooting

Conservatives are using the tragedy in Nashville to push their anti-trans agenda

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Has TikTok made us better? Or much, much worse?

Refrigerators have gotten really freaking good. Thanks, Jimmy Carter.

To make the present feel more meaningful, think beyond it

What US weapons tell us about the Russia-Ukraine war

The fantasy of Ted Lasso and the reality of Jason Sudeikis

Why no one sounds exactly like you

What is going on with Philadelphia’s drinking water?

An illustration of a shadowy figure in a suit holding a giant pair of scissors. The scissors cut through a massive price tag with the Caduceus symbol on it.

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Why Jonathan Majors’s assault arrest is so disturbing — and so complicated

What an assault weapons ban could — and couldn’t — do to end US mass shootings