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Plagiarism doesn’t need AI to thrive online

The Biden administration is allowed to talk to social media platforms again — for now

What YouTube hustle gurus are really selling you

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki is stepping down

Are we too worried about misinformation?

Florida’s social media free speech law has been blocked for likely violating free speech laws

Biden threatens Big Tech over its “national experiment” on children

Big Tech’s Russia problem

Does banning extremists online work? It depends.

One Good Thing: Knifepoint Horror, a collection of campfire ghost stories in podcast form

One Good Thing: A YouTube decluttering channel that made my sister and me quit screaming

How Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are handling the Taliban

Facebook wants creators, but YouTube is paying creators much, much more

Trump’s lawsuits against Facebook, Twitter, and Google will probably go nowhere

YouTube’s kids app has a rabbit hole problem

Here’s just how much people have stopped talking about Trump on Facebook and Twitter

YouTube says it’s better at removing videos that violate its rules, but those rules are in flux

How YouTube swallowed the world

How neo-Nazis used the internet to instigate a right-wing extremist crisis

Social media companies are already losing the vaccine misinformation fight

Twitter joins Facebook and YouTube in banning Covid-19 vaccine misinformation

How fake news aimed at Latinos thrives on social media

YouTube is awash with election misinformation — and it isn’t taking it down

Why the Trump campaign is going all-in on YouTube 

Most Americans think social media companies are censoring people

How Trump and his son helped make a Covid-19 conspiracy theorist go viral in a matter of hours

How feds used a YouTube livestream to arrest a Portland protester

The Trump administration’s flawed plan to destroy the internet as we know it

Why Big Tech isn’t fighting Trump in public this time

Big Tech thought the pandemic wouldn’t be political. Think again.

Netflix went down for an hour for some users

Facebook doubles down on removing coronavirus conspiracy theories

YouTube makes $15 billion a year from ads — and pays more than half of that to video makers

NikkieTutorials’ coming out brought out the best in the beauty community — for the most part

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Can an online star really make it in Hollywood?

Lilly Singh, Issa Rae, and others have made the leap from online auteurs to bona fide TV personalities. What happens to others who hope to turn followers and views into mainstream careers? We talk to a few who tried.

YouTube just made sweeping positive changes to its harassment policy. So why all the backlash?

A group of YouTubers is trying to prove the site systematically demonetizes queer content

The story behind Hot Ones, the interview show where celebrities choke down crazy-hot chicken wings

Facebook and YouTube will keep letting politicians say what they want if it’s “newsworthy”

The most common thing brands don’t understand about working with YouTube stars

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