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Pokémon Go’s incredible popularity, in one video

Leave it to an 8th-grader to explain his “white boy privilege” better than most adults

Watch: police tase a black man after confusing him with another black man

Neil deGrasse Tyson was once stopped by police while carrying physics books to his office

Watch: a Republican senator’s personal speech on his experience with police as a black man

Stephen Colbert gives Bernie Sanders’s campaign a bizarre Hunger Games–style sendoff

George W. Bush in Dallas: “Too often we judge other groups by their worst examples”

The largest survey of transgender people yet shows the dangers of bathroom hysteria

Next time someone tells you "all lives matter," show them this cartoon

A protester explains why telling black people to calm down about police brutality is wrong

After a horrible week, this video is a great reminder of why we overcome such tragedy

Police officers explain how they’re encouraged to act in racist ways

This tweet perfectly captures how many people feel after the Dallas shooting

Minnesota governor: Philando Castile police shooting wouldn’t have happened if he were white

Obama: you don’t have to hate police to admit we have a race problem in the justice system

Watch: radio host slams "blue wall of silence" after police shooting of Alton Sterling

55 years in prison for marijuana — until Obama, a Republican, and advocates intervened

A mirror. Some cylinders. Your mind blown.

The Daily Show talked to Bernie-turned-Trump supporters. It was … horrifying.

The Daily Show fact-checked Donald Trump’s economics speech. It found a lot of errors.

Watch: 49 celebrities honor the 49 victims of the Orlando shooting

Most Americans say they’re cool with men or women crying in public

Watch: John Oliver’s glorious rant in response to Brexit

This video shows why solitary confinement is cruel and unusual punishment

Let Samantha Bee explain why Brexit doesn’t mean Donald Trump will win

This paragraph shows why the Supreme Court didn’t buy Texas’s claims in the abortion case

The Brexit ballot is amazingly simple. Why can’t US ballots look like this?

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer attacks Trump’s “disastrous,” “unseemly” campaign

A genderqueer activist explains what it means to be nonbinary on the gender spectrum

Watch Ken Burns insult Donald Trump for 7 minutes straight at Stanford’s commencement

Why "thoughts and prayers" aren't enough after a mass shooting

A professional interpreter's job isn't as simple as you think

One tweet that shows just how far marijuana legalization has come

A pastor has the perfect response to Brock Turner’s father on the Stanford sexual assault

Watch: Elizabeth Warren calls Donald Trump “a thin-skinned, racist bully”

CNN Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord: up is down, day is night, Trump is fighting against racism

The real reason for Donald Trump's rise, in 2 charts

I found prison data going back to 1880. This is how mass incarceration looks in context.

The media's racial double standard in covering sexual assault cases, in 2 tweets

Republicans have a new Hispanic communications director. She's repeatedly insulted Trump.

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