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Like it or not, you now have the new U2 album

U2 performs in concert in 2011
U2 performs in concert in 2011
Mike Coppola/Getty

The largest album release of all time happened today during the Apple extravaganza. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, invited rock band U2 to join him on stage. Bono, as expected, wore sunglasses to the dark tech-event and whispered into a microphone.

The Irish-rock band performed a new song for the crowd (and those watching the live-stream) and immediately afterward revealed it to be a single from a new LP entitled Songs of Innocence. Bono called it the band's "most personal record," a thing U2 has said for approximately every album it has produced.

The album was then immediately released to every iTunes customer. For free. It automatically downloaded to iTunes libraries, also, so you can't even opt out of it.

With album sales in the deep dark place that they are, this might have been a good move for U2 to guarantee listeners and potentially boost sales. U2, of course, is also a band that can afford to give an album away for free. The band has a net worth of $838 million, or in Apple speak, more than 4 million new iPhones.

Here's how many Apple products U2 is worth:

u2 chart 2

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