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NFL players have really bad taste in warm-up music

Tony Romo listens to James Blake
Tony Romo listens to James Blake
Stacy Revere/Getty

Music plays a crucial role at any athletic event. Baseball players have walk-up music. Gymnasts have floor routines. Many athletes listen to pump-up music on their way through the tunnel or during warm-up to get their heads in the game.

Thus, Billboard asked several NFL players what kind of music what was on their pre-game playlist. Their answers, surprisingly, weren't all pump-up music. Instead of Kanye West, Metallica, and Guns and Roses, NFL players picked bands like Smash Mouth.

That's right. Minnesota Vikings linebacker Audie Cole picked Smash Mouth, known best for its 1999 hit "All Star." Cole also listed Sum 41, and Blink 182 as bands on his playlist.

In even worse warm-up music news, Justin Durant threw Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo under the bus by reporting that he listens to "a lot of old ‘90s pop hip-hop, that would probably have been on Now That's What I Call Music. Or some James Blake."

Most of the players, it seems, are apparently using the same warm-up music that they've been listening to since middle school, which we guess is fine so long as their teams win.

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