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Ariana Grande is either the next Beyoncé or the next Ashlee Simpson

Ariana Grande gets her second no. 1 album
Ariana Grande gets her second no. 1 album
Timothy Hyatt/Getty

Ariana Grande, one of the biggest names in pop music after her summer hit "Problem" rode high on the charts for months, has now joined a very select group of female artists. Her album My Everything debuted at no. 1 on the Billboard chart by selling 169,000 copies.

This is Grande's second no. 1 debut after her freshman album Yours Truly accomplished the same feat. The two no. 1 albums put Grande in the ranks of several pop queens. All five of Beyoncé's albums have debuted at no. 1. Six of Britney Spears's eight studio albums debuted at no. 1. Norah Jones managed the trick three times, and Alicia Keys did too.

For these reasons, two back-to-back no. 1 debuts is a big deal. That sets Grande up for a lengthy career. But it doesn't guarantee one either. Grande could easily be the next Ashanti, whose first two albums debuted at no. 1 as well.

Only time will tell. In the meantime, please enjoy the smooth vocal stylings of Ms. Ashlee Simpson, another member of the "first two albums debuted at no. 1" club.

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