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Watch: This woman risked her life to show you what it’s like to live under ISIS

A woman dressed in a niqab secretly films life in Raqqa.
A woman dressed in a niqab secretly films life in Raqqa.

It's startling to watch a child being escorted to a playground by a woman with an AK-47 slung over her shoulder. But in ISIS-controlled Raqqa, this is apparently normal.

Earlier this week, the French television station France 24 aired two minutes of footage documenting daily life in the Syrian city of Raqqa, where ISIS has made its headquarters. The footage was captured secretly by an unidentified female Syrian student, reports France 24, who hid the camera underneath her niqab, a full-body covering that drapes the entire body leaving only a small opening for the wearer's eyes.

While the woman walks through the city, a police officer takes her to task for the way she is clothed: "You have to pay attention by covering up. God loves women who are covered."

Here's the video footage.

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