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On Fox News, male soldiers get respect, but a female pilot is “boobs on the ground”

There is apparently nothing a woman can do to get some male Fox News commentators to see her as more than just a pair of breasts, up to and including flying a fighter jet in the US-led military operation in Syria.

Maryam Al-Mansouri is the first female fighter pilot from the United Arab Emirates. She led joint air strikes against ISIS this week, when the UAE joined the United States in a coalition conducting military action against the terror group in Syria.

When Fox News did a brief segment on Al-Mansouri on its Fox Five show on Wednesday, one might have expected that she would have been treated with respect, given the fact that she is currently risking her life to participate in the US-led military effort against terrorism. After all, this is Fox News! They are all about respecting the troops, right?

Apparently that respect is reserved for male soldiers only. Because before Fox's Kimberly Guilfoyle had even finished her brief segment on Al-Mansouri's contribution to the air strikes, her male colleagues interrupted her to joke that Al-Mansouri's participation constituted "boobs on the ground," and to say that "after she bombed it, she couldn't park it."

That would be appalling behavior at any time, but it's particularly galling in a week in which Fox News has been devoting significant coverage to "lattegate," the supposed scandal over President Obama saluting his marine guards while holding a cup of coffee.

So let's get this straight: when male soldiers stand on a runway, Fox News says it is "disrespectful" and "insensitive" for President Obama — the soldiers' commander in chief — to hold a caffeinated beverage while saluting them. But when a female pilot flies a combat mission in a US-led war, it's apparently fine to speak about her as if she is nothing but a pair of breasts, and to suggest that despite her history-making status as the first female Emirati fighter pilot, she must not be able to park her aircraft.

The segment must be seen to be believed. Watch the whole thing above.

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