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Kanye West made a new album and only 20 people got to hear it

The new Kanye West album has been looming over the pop culture collective unconscious for months. Kanye has maybe been in the studio with Lorde. He has definitely been in the studio with his baby. An unfinished track of the lead single appeared on the internet.  He has taunted us endlessly. But now, the album is ready. We don't have it yet, but it's ready.

"I was thinking [the record] could somehow come out in June, like Yeezus, and just kill it for the summer," Kanye told GQ earlier this year. "But then I'm like, I have to work on Adidas and be with my child."

Well apparently Adidas and his child didn't require all of the rapper's time because on Wednesday night, Kanye played the full album for some of his friends. Correction, Kanye played the whole album three times for some of his friends, according to rapper Theophilus London.

Here are some reasons he might have needed to play it 3 times:

1) It was amazing, and his friends demanded it

This is a real possibility. Kanye West is a talented musician, and Yeezus was a great album.

2) Kanye is actually in love with himself

As we know, Kanye is a narcissist. He and Kim Kardashian are blissful in their narcissistic happiness. He once even said, "The concept of Kimye has more cultural significance than Page 6 could even write."

3) People have learned to just let Kanye do whatever he wants

"My feelings don't matter anymore," he told GQ. But they do, Kanye. They do.

4) Kim made him

If Kim Kardashian knows one thing, its how to create buzz and make a shit ton of money. If she says to play it three times, you play it three times.

5) He insisted it be played until everyone stood up

A few weeks ago, several media outlets reported that West "demanded" that handicapped audience members stand up to listen to his music at his concert in Sydney. This turned out not to be true at all, but Kanye does like for people to stand at his concerts. Perhaps this is also true of those who visit him at his home?

6) Kanye still uses a cd player and the repeat function got stuck

Hey. It's possible.

7) He insists you can't really "get it" until the third listen.

Kanye is deep in a way that makes many people really confused. His interviews are almost incomprehensible, but his rhymes are perfect.

8) One play per syllable in his name

Kan. Ye. West.

9) It's coming out soon

Because the album was delayed from June, we know that it's mostly done. The label could release the album around the holidays, and this could be a way to build buzz via the Instagram accounts of less well-known rappers. Nah. Probably not. We probably won't see it until early 2015.

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