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There is actually no way to explain how crazy this music video is

Korean recording artist Hitchhiker's new music video features enough computer-generated creations and flashing lights to cause the brains of even the hardiest adults to slowly melt like ice cream cones in the sun.

The song is called "11." You will realize this as one of your last conscious thoughts before your faculties are completely destroyed, because it is one of the few words said in the midst of a bunch of random mouth noises.

Hitchhiker, 히치하이커, is a Korean DJ, producer, and composer. Until now, he was probably most famous for his work with the South Korean boy band Shinee, which is semi-famous in the Japanese pop market.  He was also once in a Korean rock band called Roller Coaster. In addition to the crazy music video, Hitchhiker released a crazy propaganda trailer for himself, which for some reason is in French, a language you can take the opportunity to learn when you are rebuilding your brain from spare neurons after the assault of this video.

But really, you don't need to know any of that to watch, because this is four minutes of complete insanity. The lyrics come in around the three-minute mark, if you can somehow make your way through the mind-numbing hand-over-mouth sounds and dancing Sims people. Don't be surprised if you start weeping in sweet relief at the sound of a recognizable human voice. It happens to all of us.

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