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Use this tool to estimate how long it will take you to read your next book

Book Worm.
Book Worm.

It takes the average person 424 days to read the all five Game of Thrones books. Do you think you could do any better?

There are basically two ways to check this. One would be to go ahead and read all five books. The other would be to take this quiz and find out the answer before you actually start the reading. (The test is also found at this link.)

The quiz is designed by Blinkbox Books. Here's how it works. Once you hit "start," you'll be shown a portion of a text from Madame Bovary. The quiz will time how long it takes you to read and comprehend this text, which will be determined by a series of three multiple choice questions stemming from the reading. If you answer any incorrectly, you'll be prompted to read the paragraph again. You'll then be asked how many minutes per day you'd like to read. (The site suggests selecting 10 minutes if you are not currently an avid reader.)

Based on the length of time it takes you to read and comprehend the selection and how many minutes each day you can commit to reading, the quiz will generate its personalized estimate for how long it will take you to read Game of Thrones. Your estimate will also be compared to that of the "average person."


The quiz will also tell you how long it will take you to get through some other popular works of literature, including dense novels like War and Peace and Ulysses.


Sure, it might seem daunting to think about reading Les Miserables — but this quiz helps you think about it differently. Rather than thinking of the entire book as one monotonous read, you can, instead, think of it as 54 tiny, 20-minute excerpts.

And just in case you want it, here's an article with an infographic showing the national averages for how long it takes to read 64 popular books.

Happy reading!

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