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This map shows Liam Neeson's global reign of terror

Liam Neeson's new movie A Walk Among the Tombstones premiered this weekend, with reviews ranging from glowing to brutally harsh. It's an action thriller, in which Neeson — and I hope I'm not spoiling anything — kills some people.

That happens a lot in his movies nowadays. Since his recent turn to action movie stardom, Neeson has racked up a truly astonishing on-screen body count — as this awesomely detailed map shows:

liam neeson kills people dot map dot jpg

Note that there's some dispute on Reddit about the map's details. (Melitonz)

The standout, naturally, is Taken's 31 kills (with an impressively varied set of tools). I say "naturally" because Taken features what is, without question, the defining Liam Neeson Action Hero speech. Enjoy.