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What "All About That Bass" sounds like without any treble

Are you really all about that bass, Meghan?
Are you really all about that bass, Meghan?

Meghan Trainor had the No. 1 song in America last week with her debut single "All About That Bass." In it, Trainor sings that she is "All about that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble." She's referring to body types — where "bass" signifies curves — but what if we took her literally?

The answer is this video: there is, it notes, "a shit-ton of treble" in this song. So they created a version of "All about that Bass" that is actually only bass. Trainor sounds like she's trapped in a dishwasher:

So maybe there should be at least a bit of treble. As the video says, moderation is cool!

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