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Watch John Oliver make a grand, romantic gesture to prevent Scotland from leaving the UK

On the latest Last Week Tonight, John Oliver took on the Scottish independence debate, with typically hilarious results.

Oliver begins by skewering the campaigns on both sides of the debate, pointing out that the "better together" campaign sounds like "something people say to convince themselves to stay in a dead marriage," and that the pro-independence campaign has received 80 percent of its funding from one lottery-winning couple. "They're like an adorable Scottish version of the Koch brothers."

However, Oliver notes, both sides do have solid arguments in their favor. There are legitimate political reasons for Scotland to want more autonomy over its affairs. Especially right now, with David Cameron as the Prime Minister: "That is the face of a man who fast-forwards through the servant parts of Downton Abbey."

And there are good arguments on the pro-union side too: if Scotland leaves the UK, it might lose the pound, and have to revert to its old currency: "sheep and threats."

Finally, Oliver, drawing on his knowledge gleaned from "the last four minutes of British romantic comedies," decides to make a big, romantic gesture to win Scotland back. I don't want to spoil the elegant tapestry he has woven out of Richard Curtis monologues for you, but I will say that it involves a haggis and ends with Oliver making "the ultimate sacrifice."

The whole thing is worth a watch, but if you just want to see what it looks like when John Oliver loves you and will do anything to win you back, skip to the 13-minute mark. You won't regret it.

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