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Kim Kardashian's new book is literally just 352 pages of selfies

Brilliant app creator Kim Kardashian West is out to take more of your money. The reality television star who famously posed for hundreds of selfies while on vacation without her husband and famous rapper Kanye West, is now putting those selfies to good use by publishing them in a coffee table book for you to own!


The book, titled Selfish, is expected to include 352 pages of Kim Kardashian selfies and hit shelves In April 2015.  It'll cost you about 20 bucks.  That's 2 cents for every selfie Kim took on her Thailand vacation!

Kim Kardashian's Instagram is full of selfies, but so are plenty of celebrities' feeds. Here are a few we think could have great selfie books:

Nicki Minaj


from Minaj's Instagram

Nicki Minaj has hair and cheekbones that we could easily stare at for 300+ pages.

Lady Gaga


from Gaga's Instagram

Lady Gaga may not be in the spotlight of fame anymore, but her selfies are some of the most interesting. In this one, for example, she has altitude sickness.

Miley Cyrus


from Cyrus's Instagram

Miley's Instagram has almost as many selfies as Kim K's does, as well as some absurd fashion choices.



from Beyonce's Instagram

Last, but never least, Beyoncé would make a great coffee table book. Even in her tousled bed-hair state, she is radiant. Her selfies might not be as frequent as Kim Kardashian's, but that doesn't make them less important

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