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The NRA's case for blind people having guns is kind of persuasive

When I heard the NRA had made a video about why blind people need guns too, I was prepared to be outraged. And Dom Raso does go off at one point on a tangent about how the vision-impaired "have an increased awareness of their hearing and spacial surroundings" that seems to be raising the specter of Daredevil-esque heroics. But by the end, he actually persuaded me!

Obviously to the extent that you're skeptical of firearms ownership in general, nothing in here will change your mind. But the idea that blind people will, if allowed, start running around the street spraying ammunition at random is pretty condescending and offensive. They know that they can't see! The scenario he raises in which a vision-impaired individual uses a gun for close-quarters self-defense strikes me as far-fetched, but it's mostly far-fetched in the sense that the general idea you should be walking around packing heat prepared to shoot assailants is far-fetched.

I'm for stricter gun regulation in general, but this video has me convinced that there's no need for special rules barring the blind from owning otherwise-legal weapons.