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Watch yesterday's earthquake wake up everybody in the Bay Area

Yesterday's early morning earthquake in Napa Valley was detected by thousands of seismometers placed throughout Northern California and beyond.

But because we live in the era of the quantified self, a network of other devices also picked up some interesting data on the quake: the thousands of Jawbone wristbands worn by people throughout the area.

earthquake sleeping chart

The percentage of Jawbone users woken up by the earthquake in various areas. (Jawbone)

This chart, made by Jawbone, shows the percentage of people asleep in various parts of Northern California during the night. The devices can detect whether a user is asleep based on accelerometer data.

Jawbone reports that in the towns of Napa, Sonoma, Vallejo, and Fairfield — all less than 15 miles from the quake's epicenter — 93 percent of users woke up from the shaking. A bit further away, in San Francisco and Oakland, only about half of people woke up, and down in Modesto and Santa Cruz, almost nobody did.

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