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Celebrate Beyoncé's birthday with one of her greatest performances

The queen of pop music turns 33 years old today. She's probably the biggest name in popular music right now, and her only competition –Taylor Swift — looks messy and childish by comparison. Celebrate her birthday with one of her best performances to date.

Beyoncé performed a medley of songs from her self titled album, Beyoncé, at the MTV Music Video Awards. The performance included 12 songs meshed together into a 16 minute set. Beyoncé's not the first to perform a massive career spanning medley at the VMAs; Justin Timberlake performed his own version at the 2013 VMAs.

Beyoncé's performance was a prelude to receiving the Video Vanguard Award, the VMA's version of a lifetime achievement award. Beyoncé was also nominated for eight awards.

Here are the songs from the medley in their full version glory:

1) "Mine"

2) "Haunted"

3) "No Angel"

4) "Jealous"

.5) "Blow"

6) "Drunk In Love"

7) "Rocket"

8) "Partition"

9)"Flawless" (remix)


11) "Blue"

12) "XO"

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