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Benedict Cumberbatch has won the Ice Bucket Challenge. Can we stop now?

Benedict Cumberbatch gets the ice bucket
Benedict Cumberbatch gets the ice bucket

So many people have dumped buckets of ice water on their heads to raise awareness for ALS: George W. BushVin Diesel, even Vox's own Ezra Klein.  But none of those ice bucket experiences hold a candle to these three champions.

Gold Medal in Ice-Bucket

The #Icebucketchallenge is a viral meme that can now rest in peace because Benedict Cumberbatch, British actor and heartthrob, has won. In his video, Cumberbatch gets hit by the ice bucket not once, not twice, but five times. Also, one of those times is in the shower. Just watch it.

Silver Medal in Ice-Bucket

Congrats on your silver medal, Nick Offerman! Famous for his role on Parks and Recreation and a pretty stellar mustache, Offerman takes the silver for barely responding at all to the cooler of ice dumped on his head and also for apparently doing it in a very windy desert.

Bronze Medal in Ice-Bucket

Surprise ice bucket is a particularly great form of ice bucketting. Jeremy Clarkson, an English journalist and writer known for his work on Top Gear, is not only completely surprised by the ice bucket challenge, but he has some pretty stellar swearing abilities.

That's it. It's done. It's over. Congratulations, Ice Bucket victors. Now let's find a new meme.

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