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America's Wikipedia page mentions war a lot. Canada's mentions Quebec.

America's Wikipedia page mentions "war" more than any other word after excluding prepositions and words connected to the country's name, according to a map manually compiled with Word Frequency Counter by Reddit user Amiantedeluxe.

most recurrent words map

Click to enlarge. (Amiantedeluxe)

One caveat to the map: it doesn't count the possessive version of words. In the US's Wikipedia page, for instance, "world" is actually more common if the word "world's" is counted as well.

Still, the map is a useful guide to some of the topics that dominate each country's history and current events. For example, the word noted on this map for North Korea is "South," while it's "North" for South Korea. With the long-simmering divisions between both countries, that makes sense.

To learn more about North Korea's history, watch the short video below:

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