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Here's why the Oxford English Dictionary has one of the greatest Twitter accounts out there


Do you know what to do if someone shouts that?

You do if you follow @OED, the official Twitter account of the Oxford English Dictionary. According to a tweet from last week, when you hear "Gardyloo," it's time to take cover.

@OED is a veritable goldmine of this kind of wordporn. Accismuscacoëpynihilarianpercontation — what other Twitter account is this magical?

Weird words aren't all you'll learn from the Twitter handle. If you want to solve obscure etymological riddles, then you've come to the right place! For example:

Or did you know that the word bidet has nothing to do with … that.

OED's Twitter account will also teach you fascinating, little-known facts about language history. Like this.

And this.

And, importantly, this.

Granted, if you go around dropping all of this knowledge, some moon-blind quiddle might accuse you of being toploftical or hincty. But no matter. You can just say you're studying to be a cruciverbalist.

Or, you can own your nerdy obsession with language and simply proclaim yourself a wordmonger.