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Video: Ferguson police shoot tear gas into peaceful protesters' backyard

SWAT teams in Ferguson, Missouri, on Monday night fired tear gas at locals gathered in a private backyard, who were holding their hands up to protest the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed teen shot by a police officer on Saturday.

The Riverfront Times, a St. Louis alt-weekly, caught the event on camera (warning: offensive language):

The Riverfront Times reports that, after police evacuated most of West Florissant Avenue, some defiant protesters remained in the area. In response, police asked the men through a loudspeaker to go home. When the protesters didn't listen, police threatened to shoot tear gas. After some back-and-forth, the protesters left the streets and went into surrounding yards. But police fired tear gas anyway — into the home of 24-year-old Rich West.

West, clearly upset, began shouting. "This is my backyard! This is my shit!" he yelled. "Y'all go the fuck home!"

The video shows just how high tensions are in Ferguson after a police officer shot and killed Brown. For more information, read Vox's full explainer.