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This St. Louis alderman is offering a terrifying inside look at the chaos in Ferguson

Antonio French, a St. Louis alderman, has offered an up-close and often terrifying view of what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri, where police and residents have clashed ever since a police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black 18-year-old, on Saturday, August 9. For an unflinching look at what is going on the St. Louis suburb, follow French on Twitter.

French, who represents the city's 21st ward, has been tweeting out spare commentary along with videos and pictures from the scene. But many of the images speak for themselves, particularly those from Monday night, when police in riot gear used tear gas and rubber bullets to clear the streets of residents, some of whom are shown in French's footage with their hands up in surrender.

For a reporter's perspective, also follow the Los Angeles Times' Matt Pearce, the Washington Post's Wesley Lowery, and the New York Times' Julie Bosman, who are on the scene.

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