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Jon Stewart imagines Fox News of the 1960s: “Relax: Selma isn’t slavery!”

On Monday night's The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart mocked Fox News and Fox Business hosts for their determination to negate the role of racism in the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri.

Stewart played a clip of Fox News' Bernie Goldberg saying. "Ferguson, Missouri is not Selma, Alabama." This was, of course, an effort to make the case that there were no legitimate civil rights issues motivating the protests, which followed the news that white police officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted for killing unarmed black teen Michael Brown.

Stewart's response: "Of course, if Fox has been around for Selma, Alabama, the headline would probably have been ‘Relax: Selma Isn't Slavery!'"

In another piece of tape, echoing his Fox colleagues who blamed violence in Ferguson on "racial arsonists," "race hustlers," "racial racketeers," and "race grievance-industry leaders, Sean Hannity declared, "Ferguson burns because of, in part, a mindset that was created by Al Sharpton, by Eric Holder and the President."

Stewart asked, "Did you just name the only three black guys you could think of?" and offered an alternative, only slightly more absurd, list of people to blame: "Ferguson burns, my friends, in part because of Jay-Z, the guy who plays Urkel, and, let's say, Hank Aaron."

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