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Tired of feeling uncultured at art museums? Check out this cheat sheet before your next visit

Everybody has that one friend you don't want to be caught dead with in an art museum. You know the one — the "Oh, I just adore the Post-Impressionists" friend who seems to have an informed opinion about every piece of art ever.

Well, now you can be that friend!

The folks at ebay's Art division developed this handy cheat sheet for the next time you visit an art museum. The interactive guide walks you through some of the major art movements of the past 700 years, starting with Renaissance art and concluding with the major Post-Impressionists.

So take a gander, memorize a few facts, and then schedule a museum trip with your annoying art museum friend — your newfound art knowledge might prove more obnoxious than his!

via eBay

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