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Nevada Republican Lauren Scott could become the first openly transgender state legislator

An LGBT Pride flag.
An LGBT Pride flag.
Andrew Cowie / AFP via Getty Images

A candidate in Nevada could become elect the first openly transgender person to be elected and seated in a state legislature, the New York Times' Josh Barro reports.

Lauren Scott, a Republican in a district that includes part of Reno and Sparks, describes herself as a centrist in the mold of former President Teddy Roosevelt. She founded the LGBT rights group Equality Nevada, and she was appointed to the Nevada Equal Rights Commission by Gov. Brian Sandoval, also a Republican.

Scott defected from the Democrats and joined Republicans in 2011. She states on her website that she tends "to disagree with the Democrats on issues of taxation and business development."

Jon Ralston, a veteran Nevada political reporter and television host, told Barro that Democrats are worried about the race, but they still expect Scott to lose. Scott's district leans Democratic, but Democrats reportedly experienced a turnout collapse in early voting across Nevada this, including in this district.

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