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The recording careers of music’s greatest artists, in one chart

Who had more consecutive number one hit albums: the Beatles or Jay-Z?

Would you like to find out visually? This new interactive chart from Concert Hotels lets you compare the recording careers of some of history's greatest musical artists.

(via Concert Hotels).

The chart lets you sort the numbers across five analytics: No. 1 albums, hit rate, consecutive No. 1s, albums released, and career span. All of the information on this chart is readily available online at sites like All Music Guide — or even Wikipedia. But this chart is helpful because it presents all of the data side by side to let you easily compare, say, Pearl Jam and Barbara Streisand, which is, of course, something you've probably been longing to do for years now.

The source of information on the chart was collected from the Billboard 200 (US albums), and only those artists with five or more number one albums in their careers are featured.