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Map: What we're thankful for, according to our Facebook posts

We don't just tell our family what we're thankful for at the Thanksgiving table anymore. We post our thanks on Facebook, too — and that gives the data analysts at Facebook a trove of data to analyze about what, exactly, we're grateful for.

Facebook scraped user updates for status updates containing the words "grateful" and "thankful" this past summer, when a few challenges circulated asking users to post about the things they cherished in their lives. And they found, perhaps unsurprisingly, that Facebook users are most thankful for their friends and families.



More interestingly, Facebook also looked at the most unique thanks given in each state. This isn't the most frequent subject of grateful status updates, but rather the ones that turn up at a disproportionately high rate. Here's what they found:



Playing true to stereotypes, Oregonians are the state that is most thankful for yoga while Bible Belt states tend to show more gratitude for "god's forgiveness" and "god's word."

Gratitudes reflect external factors, too. States that have experienced drought this year — places like Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona — tend to be more thankful for rain. As to Michigan's strong love of electricity, Facebook analysts say it could reflect the "heavy summer storms knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of houses right around the challenge." Kansas's apparent fervor for Google maybe has to do with the company wiring Kansas City with Google Fiber?

You can see more of the Facebook analysts' data here and continue to puzzle over what, exactly, it is Alaskans and Ohioans love so much about children's laughter — and what Vermont residents are doing on Pinterest all day.

(Hat tip to Forbes' Dan Diamond, who shared this map on Facebook — for which we are quite grateful.)

Correction: An initial version of this post misidentified the state most thankful for Pinterest. It is Vermont.