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This Thanksgiving, be thankful you didn’t have to get off your plane and push

A nor'easter hit the East Coast today, playing havoc with Thanksgiving travel plans on the most popular travel day of the year. More than 200 flights have been cancelled, and roads are expected to be snarled as heavy morning rain turns to evening snow.

It could be a lot worse, though. This video shows Russian travelers having to push-start their own plane after its landing gear became frozen at an airport in the Siberian town of Igarka:

CNN reports that the passengers, who can be heard yelling "let's go" as they push their plane, were successful in getting it moving. The plane was able to take off, and landed safely several hours later in the town of Krasnoyarsk.

That's right: they not only push-started their own plane in sub-freezing conditions, they then got on the plane and flew to their destination. Remind me again how America ever managed to win the cold war?

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