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Watch N'Sync's Joey Fatone have a pillowfight with 4,500 people

Joey Fatone, supervisor of pillow fights
Joey Fatone, supervisor of pillow fights
Charles Norfleet/Getty

Watch this unexpectedly hypnotic video of thousands upon thousands of pillows undulating in the stands as college students take their best shots at each other.

Pillow fights look great in the movies but they're often terrible in real life. Do you want to be knocked over by a giant mass of feathers flying straight at your face? Probably not.

Having forgotten this, 4,500 college football fans at South Dakota State University attempted to set a new world record on Saturday by holding the world's largest pillow fight. The game was against SDSU's rival, the University of South Dakota, so the stands were packed with potential pillow pummelers.

Joey Fatone, one time member of the very popular boy-band N*Sync, was there to supervise ... lead ... well, he flew there for the pillow fight.

"When you're a kid, you hit each other, but I think some of these people are out for blood, I think," Fatone redundantly told KELO TV.

So that's something!

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