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Simple flowchart to tell if you are being persecuted this holiday season

It's almost that time of the year: Snow is about to fall, toys are about to go on sale, and the culture wars are about to heat up.

That's right. It's beginning to look a lot like — persecution season.

The Farmer's Almanac is predicting this year's war on Christmas to be one of the nastiest on record, what with Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas scheduled to open in church cafeterias everywhere next week.

If you're not sure what the war on Christmas is, it's very easy to explain it: A certain subset of the Christian population feels threatened whenever they are wished "happy holidays" rather than "merry Christmas." The generic holiday greeting, they feel, is discriminating precisely because it dethrones Christ from the center of the holiday.

If you feel that you are being unjustly discriminated against this holiday season, here is a simple and handy flowchart to consult. It's from Christian blogger Rachel Held Evans.

Persecution flowchart