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I cannot stop listening to the air horn version of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

Volodymyr Krasyuk via Shutterstock

It is the weekend and, thus, time to appreciate things on the internet. One of these things, as the Vox culture team has found, is air horn versions of songs. Top 40, classical, 80s, whatever sound salad Avicii is paid millions to produce — all your favorite songs sound better when played in air horn (or, more accurately, MIDI "sound fonts" that allow online composers to redub any song in the sound of an air horn).

Because the internet is a magical place, there are people — wonderful people — producing these airhornified versions of songs. Here are some of our favorites, along with the perfect places to play them:

Beethoven's Symphony No. 5

Perfect for: Funerals.

Let it Go

Perfect for: Romance

Avicii's Levels

Perfect for: Convertibles. Divorce.

The Jeopardy Theme:

Perfect for: Meditating

Mission Impossible:

Perfect for: Herding cats

Moonlight Sonata

Perfect for: Walking into the ocean

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