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Golden retriever throws off the yoke of societal expectations to live his best life

We can all learn from the example of this golden retriever who decided to throw off the yoke of society's arbitrary expectations and start living his best life.

He saw the sad fate of his compatriots in the dog rat race (in this case, an actual race in which dogs prove their obedience by running along a path lined with delicious dog treats and awesome dog toys), who were left with only the hollow achievement of having prioritized their owners' arbitrary expectations over their own needs.

The golden retriever clearly saw their fate and decided that it was time to stop grabbing for the brass ring and start living in the now.

The result? He got to eat all the treats and play with all the toys. And now he is internet-famous for his charming misbehavior. The Kim Kardashian of golden retrievers, basically.

The takeaway here is clear: do not be the other dogs. Be the golden retriever. Start today.

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