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This old clip of Cosby and Sofia Vergara looks extra creepy now

A resurfaced video of Bill Cosby and Sofia Vergara on the set of the Late Show with David Letterman in 2003 is being looked at much more critically in light of recent focus on the 15 sexual assault allegations around the comedian.

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In it, Cosby seems to be unabashedly playing a dirty old man role, obsessing over the fit of the Modern Family actress's dress while she good-naturedly  — if somewhat uncomfortably — plays along.

Joking (we think?) about Vergara's outfit being too tight, he says, "men look at you and they think only of sin."

He doesn't stop there. "What you have on tonight is wonderful. This is, this is wonderful. And when you walked out, many people became attentive," he says.  "You make me feel young again. You make me feel ... ehm ... very excited."

Vocativ put it, Cosby's lecherous conduct "just seems wrong now." (Many would have argued that his objectification of the actress was pretty wrong then, too).

It's not the only Cosby clip that's been re-scrutinized over the past few weeks, since two additional women came forward with sexual assault allegations against him. There's also this routine, in which he jokes about spiking women's drinks:

Cosby and his attorneys have strongly denied all of the allegations against him.

h/t Vocativ.

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