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Marijuana didn’t just win on Election Day — it also got more votes than major politicians

A marijuana plant.
A marijuana plant.

Statewide marijuana legalization measures in 2014 got more support from voters than most of the major politicians on the same statewide ballots.

The recreational marijuana legalization initiatives in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, DC, won a higher percentage of the vote than many of the gubernatorial, mayoral, and congressional candidates who were also on statewide (or district-wide) ballots. Even in Florida, the medical marijuana measure that fell short of the 60 percent approval it needed to pass performed better than any of the gubernatorial or attorney general candidates.

Here's how support for marijuana initiatives stacked up against support for some of the states' winning politicians.

1) In Alaska, marijuana is more popular than Rep. Don Young

Alaska voters

2) In Oregon, marijuana is barely more popular than Sen. Jeff Merkley

oregon voters

3) In Washington, DC, marijuana is much more popular than Mayor-elect Muriel Bowser

DC voters

4) In Florida, medical marijuana is much more popular than Gov. Rick Scott

Florida voters

Hat tip to the Huffington Post's Matt Ferner for pointing out the trend.

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