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Taylor Swift's new music video is back online

Monday morning, Yahoo posted Taylor Swift's second music video off of 1989. The video for "Blank Space" features Swift and male model Sean O'Pry in a lavish mansion where Swift is casually going crazy. The video was up for about a half an hour on Yahoo before it was pulled.

Joseph Kahn, the director of the video, tweeted that Yahoo made a mistake and released the video early.

It's a beautifully produced video that looks as expensive as it probably was. There are white horses. There are oil paintings. Swift's cat Olivia Benson even makes a guest appearance. But based on the amount of hype Swift has conjured around every other aspect of this video, an early morning surprise drop seemed totally out of character. Apparently, it was.

On top of that, releasing a music video through Yahoo would be a huge dig at Vevo, the site that hosts most of the major music videos. It would also make Swift ineligible for breaking view records with this video. Maybe she'll try a different method the second time around.

Update: Taylor Swift uploaded the video to YouTube (not Yahoo) Monday afternoon.

Here are a few screenshots we snapped before the video was pulled:

blank space 1

blank space 2

blank space3

blank space 4


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