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Sarah Silverman wants women to get nearly $30 trillion in gender pay gap reparations

What's a girl to do about the gender wage gap? Sarah Silverman's latest (NSFW) video proposes a couple of solutions: One, become a man. Or two, raise $29 trillion to make up for women's diminished earnings.

The video comes from the National Women's Law Center, a nonprofit that advocates for gender pay equity. Altogether, NWLC's Equal Payback Project estimates that American women miss out on a cumulative $29.8 trillion over their careers thanks to the gender wage gap. The most recent Census data shows that the median full-time, year-round working woman earns around 78 cents for every dollar that her male counterpart earns. If the campaign raises $29.8 trillion, Silverman promises, all of America's women will get a check. If not, the money will go to the NWLC. Thus far, it's looking like it will be NWLC's win here: at press time, the center had only raised around $70,000.

This isn't Silverman's first foray into politics — for a fuller picture of her political oeuvre, witness her 2012 pieces about voter ID laws and billionaire Republican donor Sheldon Adelson.

(h/t New York)

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