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Watch the most awkward dinosaur ever waddle around

(University of Alberta)

In a recent paper in Nature, scientists revealed the full body plan of a dinosaur named Deinocheirus mirificus. It was as huge as a T. rex: 35 feet long and 14,000 pounds. And it had a humped back, a big belly, and a duck-like bill.

The name Deinocheirus mirificus translates as unusual horrible hand. That's because when paleontologists first found evidence of the species in 1965, pretty much all they had were its giant, eight-foot-long arms. But it's now clear that those big hands aren't the only odd things about this beast, which lived 70 million years ago.

To create the video above, the researchers put together all the information they have about Deinocheirus to guess what it looked like when it walked.

Further reading: Nature's news team has a good overview about this dinosaur by Sid Perkins, as does a story up at produced by David Leveille.

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