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You're more likely to die of a shark attack or bee sting than contract Ebola in the US

It's been said again and again: There are a lot of things in the US that are far more dangerous to the typical American than Ebola. The disease is absolutely terrible in West Africa, but the US is well-positioned, due to its much stronger health-care system, to contain it at home.

NPR's Adam Cole and Ryan Kellman made a great chart to put the risk of Ebola in perspective. It turns out a person is more likely to get stuck by lightning, die of a bee sting, or get killed in a shark attack than contract — much less die from — Ebola in the US.

risks of Ebola US

(Adam Cole and Ryan Kellman / NPR)

To learn more about Ebola, read Vox's card stack and 21 maps and charts that explain Ebola, and watch the two-minute video below: