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7 of the biggest moments in space history, captured in sound

If you've ever wanted to listen to the raw, unedited sound of the Space Shuttle taking off from Kennedy Space Center, you're in luck:

NASA has just launched a page on the audio file-sharing site SoundCloud, and it's filled with legitimately cool recordings from all eras of space history.

Here, for instance, is the simple, rhythmic beeping of Sputnik — the very first artificial object ever put into Earth's orbit, launched by the USSR in 1957 to kick off the space race:

Here's JFK, in 1962, emphatically declaring the goal of putting a person on the moon within 10 years:

This is astronaut Jack Swigert famously telling mission control in Houston that an oxygen tank had blown up aboard Apollo 13:

This is what the Stardust probe heard as it flew with 112 miles of the comet Tempel 1 in 2011:

This is Voyager 1 — the tiny probe, launched in 1977, that recently became the first human-made object to enter interstellar space — recoding the eerie, spare sounds of the ionized gas it's encountering 12 billion miles away:

And here is the legend of all space quotes — Neil Armstrong reporting that he'd taken "one small step" onto the moon:

Check out the full NASA SoundCloud page for dozens of other neat recordings.

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