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Taylor Swift scored a #1 hit in Canada with 8 seconds of white noise

Taylor Swift at the American Country Music Awards
Taylor Swift at the American Country Music Awards

Taylor Swift has created so much hype around her upcoming new album that fans in Canada made eight seconds of white noise No. 1 on the iTunes chart.  Like the other singles from Swift's impending 1989 album, the song titled "Track 3" downloaded onto users phones due to an iTunes glitch.

The "song" some fans commented sounded like an ocean. It doesn't. It is not a real song. It is just white noise.

But it says something about the hype around Taylor's new album that fans assumed the song was real and that it downloaded on so many phones that it outperformed every other song in Canada. "Track 3" is not here yet. Canada, and the rest of the world, will have to wait until next Monday to download the real third track from 1989. But for now, 8 seconds of Taylor Swift's silence is more popular than anything else.

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