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Democrats are using Ferguson to drive black turnout. But they're in charge in Missouri.

As I've written before, state and local politics are important, so people should pay attention and vote in the upcoming midterms. The Georgia Democratic Party is trying to dramatize this idea by drawing a link to Ferguson in its pitch to African-American voters.

You can check out the images over at Jim Galloway's blog at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:


It's true that African-Americans are underrepresented in the town of Ferguson. But does this argument about turnout, partisan politics, and Ferguson make any sense? The reality is that Missouri has a Democratic governor. And a Democratic Attorney-General. And St Louis County has a Democratic county executive. And of course the United States of America has a Democratic president. None of that saved Michael Brown's life or even secured an indictment for Darren Wilson.

Partisan politics matters an enormous amount on an enormous number of issues — a Democratic governor in Georgia would, for example, likely fight to secure Medicaid benefits for a huge number of uninsured Georgians. But there's no evidence that electing Democrats stops Ferguson-like situations from happening.

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