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Map: The most expensive college dorms in every state

Some of the most expensive American college dorm rooms are at the University of California-Berkeley, where room and board costs students more than $15,000 per year. It's the most expensive room and board in California, according to this map from eCollegeFinder, a website that connects students with online colleges:

expensive room and board map

Most are private colleges and universities, including several schools of art and design — the Art Institutes in Salt Lake City, Kansas City, and Virginia Beach; the New York College of Interior Design in New York; the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Many of the colleges with the most expensive costs for room and board are in areas with high costs of living: UC-Berkeley, the Boston Conservatory ($17,195), and Catholic University of America ($14,326) among them.

The map draws data from the National Center for Education Statistics, which asks colleges to report the price they charge for tuition, room and board, and other costs each year.

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