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Watch beloved hipster artist FKA Twigs sell out to Google Glass

FKA Twigs performs in concert
FKA Twigs performs in concert

British R&B sensation and all-around cool kid FKA Twigs released a new video this afternoon in which she wears Google Glass and engages in a dance off with other versions of herself. The video samples from tweaked versions of the songs "Video Girl" and "Glass & Patron," off of her first album LP1. It's also proof FKA Twigs should star in the next Parent Trap remake.

The video, #throughglass, was directed by Twigs for Google Glass and is characteristically weird and a little confusing, but FKA Twigs has a great dance background and watching her moves is pretty amazing.

Normally, Google Glass looks unbelievably lame, like something that a dad who lives in Silicon Valley would love, but — of course — FKA Twigs makes it look good. Embrace the future, hipsters.