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Feb 1, 2021, 5:20pm EST
  • June 20

    The UN condemned Myanmar’s coup. Will that matter?

    "We cannot live in a world where military coups become a norm," the UN secretary-general said.

  • May 12

    Myanmar’s coup is uniting a country riven by ethnic divisions. Will it last?

    Protesters and activists faced a reckoning about Myanmar’s past decade of civilian rule. Now they say they are fighting for a real federal democracy.

  • March 13

    Myanmar has killed at least 7 during its latest lethal crackdown on protesters

    Security forces are firing live ammunition on sit-ins.

  • February 28

    At least 18 protesters were killed amid intensifying pro-democracy demonstrations in Myanmar

    The protesters were shot and killed by the military government, according to the UN.

  • February 22

    Myanmar’s pro-democracy protest movement is strengthening

    On Monday, the country saw one of the largest uprisings yet against the February 1 military coup.

  • February 14

    Two weeks after a coup, hundreds of thousands of people are protesting in Myanmar

    Myanmar’s military seized power earlier this month.

  • February 10

    Biden announces sanctions on Myanmar’s military in response to the coup

    US-led sanctions on Myanmar worked once to move the country toward democracy. Could they work again?

  • February 8

    Tens of thousands rise up against the coup in Myanmar

    People are protesting in defiance, a week after a military coup.

  • February 4

    Myanmar’s coup has no heroes

    This episode of Worldly discusses what happened in Myanmar and what potentially lies ahead.

  • February 4

    Myanmar and Russia show the limits of Biden’s pro-democracy agenda

    A coup in Myanmar and the imprisonment of a dissident in Russia make clear it’s a tough time for democracy.

  • February 3

    Myanmar’s military is using absurd legal charges to keep leader Aung San Suu Kyi locked up

    After Monday’s coup, the de facto civilian leader is accused of having illegal walkie-talkies.

  • February 2

    What Myanmar’s coup could mean for the Rohingya and other persecuted minorities

    The takeover is terrible for Myanmar. It may be worse for the country’s most vulnerable.

  • February 2

    The Biden administration has labeled Myanmar’s military takeover a “coup”

    The US will now curtail foreign assistance to the government, but that won’t do much.

  • February 1

    Myanmar’s coup, explained

    Aung San Suu Kyi’s pro-democracy party was gaining strength, so the ruling military launched a coup.