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Watch Mexico fans celebrate South Korea after a World Cup miracle

Here’s your feel-good story of the day.

Mexico and South Korea fans will have a good night tonight.
Mexico and South Korea fans will have a good night tonight.
Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

South Korea knocked Germany out of the 2018 World Cup on Wednesday, thereby helping Mexico qualify for the next round.

In response, Mexicans are celebrating South Korea — to say thank you.

In Mexico City right now, hundreds of chanting, applauding, and screaming fans have flocked to the South Korean embassy.

South Korea’s consul general in Mexico, Byoung-Jin Han, decided to join in the revelry. It’s also possible he drank tequila with the fans.

Mexico fans even found a single South Korean fan outside the stadium, lifted him up, and sang his praises — and even simply chanting “Korea! Korea!”

There’s a good reason for all the South Korea-Mexico bonhomie. Mexico lost 3-0 to Sweden, which meant that Germany — the country that won the last World Cup and a favorite to win this one — had to beat South Korea to eliminate Mexico and move on to the next round.

But South Korea dramatically defeated Germany 2-0, thereby allowing Mexico to progress. South Korea, sadly, didn’t do well enough throughout the tournament’s first round to move on, even though they beat Germany. Perhaps the kindness and enthusiasm of Mexican fans will prove to be a decent consolation prize.

And if not, at least there are videos of Mexico supporters dancing to Gangnam Style now.

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