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Trump is meeting key world leaders at the G20 summit. He forgot to book a hotel.

Donald Trump with a blue background of an airplane.
President Trump arrives in Hamburg for the G20 summit on Thursday.
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

President Donald Trump apparently forgot to book a hotel room in Hamburg, Germany, for the annual Group of 20 summit of key global leaders, and was stuck scrambling to find somewhere to stay, BuzzFeed reported Thursday.


The White House apparently waited too long before making a reservation for Trump and his traveling staff for the summit, which begins on Friday. All the luxury hotels in the city were completely booked by other world leaders, leaving the US president — who made his name in business building, uh, luxury hotels — without a place to stay.

A local German news outlet, Hamburger Abendblatt, reported on Wednesday that the US government wanted to stay at the Four Seasons, but they were turned away because it was already booked.

The delegation from Saudi Arabia had actually already claimed the Four Seasons, as well as rooms in several other nearby hotels. Saudi King Salman won’t be at the summit — a former finance minister is representing the country instead, according to Financial Times. But the king usually travels with a huge entourage, camels for fresh camel milk, and a golden escalator, according to Stern, a Hamburg-based weekly news magazine.

Weeks before the summit, there were reports that Trump and his team would have to stay in Berlin and fly to Hamburg by helicopter, according to BuzzFeed.

It’s unclear where Trump will be sleeping, but the Associated Press is reporting that he’ll be staying at the official Senate guest house in Hamburg. His staff will stay at the US Consulate General in the city.

This isn’t the first time that the Trump administration has run into problems finding accommodations. When Secretary of State Rex Tillerson attended a G20 meeting in Germany earlier this year, he had to stay at a sanitarium in a small village known for its hot springs, according to Bloomberg.

All the hotels in Bonn, the city hosting the conference, were booked by the time Tillerson confirmed he would be attending.

So why does this keep happening? It might have to do with the fact that the State Department is currently understaffed and unorganized. Only nine key positions out of 124 have been confirmed at the State Department.

No one has even been nominated as the director in the Office of Foreign Missions, which is responsible for planning and providing security for US missions when diplomats and other top officials travel abroad.

As the G20 summit ramps up on Friday and into the weekend, there’s a good chance that Trump will continue to face potentially embarrassing situations as he comes face to face with world leaders who have mocked him in the past.