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Watch Trump and French President Macron listen to a marching band play Daft Punk

Macron loves it. Trump ... not so much.

A picture of Trump at the Bastille Day celebrations
Trump did not want to stay up all night to watch Daft Punk
Screenshot / Youtube

President Trump has an extensive list of things he doesn’t like, from travel to exercise. On Friday, he added one more thing to that important list: the French music duo Daft Punk.

Trump is in Paris to join French President Emmanuel Macron for Bastille Day, which commemorates the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789, a turning point in the French Revolution. As part of celebrations on Friday, he was made to watch a French marching band perform a medley of songs by Daft Punk, including “Get Lucky,” the 2013 Grammy-winning hit. Let’s just say he wasn’t a fan.

In the video, the band marched along the Champs-Élysées in Paris, getting into various formations to “Get Lucky.” At 0:56, the camera flashes to an image that is just waiting to be memed: Trump with his signature pout, entirely still except for a fringe of hair that seems, strangely enough, to be bopping to the beat of the song.

The camera then pans to Macron, who is all smiles and seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself. At 1:06, he shoots Trump a sideways glance and seems almost concerned at just how still the American president is.

It’s a hilarious scene caught on camera, but maybe not all that surprising given that Trump isn’t known to have many interests apart from watching TV and playing golf.

Trump and Macron have butted heads on a variety of issues in the past few months, with Macron criticizing Trump for his withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement and openly inviting American scientists to move to France with the play on Trump’s campaign slogan “Make the Planet Great Again.” Trump’s visit to Paris this week is widely seen as a way to move past this rivalry and create an “extravagant show of friendship” between the two leaders.

In other words, Trump may finally be trying to mend the bridges with longtime US allies whom he has alienated in the past few months. His expression in this video however, suggests he’s not really enjoying it.