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Royal Jordanian Airlines is brilliantly trolling United over the passenger dragging scandal

Royal Jordanian Airlines

United Airlines is in the midst of a scandal over a viral video of a passenger being forcibly dragged off one of its flights by police officers for refusing to give up his seat on an overbooked flight, and its atrocious public relations response that followed.

But another airline is having a field day with it. Royal Jordanian Airlines promptly sent out a series of tweets brilliantly trolling United for the debacle and ensuring customers that they will not be violently removed from Royal Jordanian flights. The first, and in my opinion the best, is a clever play on the smoking ban on all flights:

The second one is less overtly trolly, but coming in the midst of the United scandal, it’s pretty clear the point it’s trying to make:

They could’ve added, “You know, unlike United, where instead of being welcomed you might be dragged down the aisle,” but subtlety in comedy is much more effective, I find.

Back in March, Oscar Munoz, United's CEO, was named “Communicator of the Year” for 2017 by PRWeek US, but his tone-deaf response to this scandal was roundly mocked on Twitter. Perhaps he should take a page out of Royal Jordanian’s social media playbook.

This isn’t the first time Royal Jordanian has brought the fire on Twitter

Back in late March, the Trump administration notified airlines serving 10 airports in majority-Muslim countries that they would henceforth have to prevent passengers from carrying on laptops, tablets, or electronic cameras on flights from those airports to the US.

Royal Jordanian was the first to announce the new policy when it — perhaps mistakenly — sent out a since-deleted tweet announcing the ban to its customers, before the Trump administration had had a chance to announce it themselves.

But once the policy was officially announced, Royal Jordanian wasted no time before taking to Twitter to mock the new electronics ban, offering its customers some cheeky tips for how to cope:

The airline waxed poetic:

And even launched a poetry contest, inviting customers to send in their own electronics ban poems for a chance to win two tickets to the US:

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump floated the idea of temporarily banning all Muslims from entering the US. Royal Jordanian had something to say about that too:

And when President Trump’s “travel ban” temporarily banning people from seven majority-Muslim countries, and all refugees, from entering the US was blocked in court, Royal Jordanian had this snarky response on Facebook:

Royal Jordanian Airlines

Royal Jordanian’s social media manager deserves a raise, is all I’m saying here.

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