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World Politics

What’s behind Africa’s recent coups

The viral portrait of Theresa May, explained by the artist

Latin American abortion rights activists just notched another win in Mexico

Are the US and Ukraine at odds over the counteroffensive?

“Never underestimate them”: A Holocaust historian’s warning about Germany’s far right

Johannesburg’s deadly apartment fire, explained

Did Israel’s national security minister just admit to apartheid policies?

Uganda’s extreme anti-LGBTQ legislation, explained

China’s economy is slowing down. What gives?

Zimbabwe’s elections herald more of the same

The Wagner chief’s fate was decided when he crossed Putin

Why Trump seems to grow more popular the worse his legal troubles become

Why so many countries want to join BRICS

Ecuador’s kind-of-normal elections weeks after a political assassination

Why a progressive’s victory in Guatemala matters

A US soldier has “willfully” crossed into North Korea. Here’s what we know.

An act of Congress could grant legal status to thousands of Afghan allies. What’s the holdup?

Niger’s coup and the international community’s opposition, explained

Biden’s risky Persian Gulf bet

A shocking assassination highlights escalating violence in Ecuador

A deadly shipwreck illustrates the tragedy behind Europe’s migration policies

What went wrong in Ukraine’s counteroffensive

ChatGPT could make bioterrorism horrifyingly easy

How Manipur violence is challenging India’s politics

It’s time for a new atomic altruism

What’s up with all these drones hitting Moscow?

Biden wants to bring Israel and Saudi Arabia together. But why?

The extra step you’ll need to take before flying to Europe next year

The saga of China’s missing-then-fired foreign minister

What Israel’s judicial overhaul means for Palestinians

What Israel’s new judicial law reveals about its democracy

Israel’s protests over sweeping judicial reforms, explained

Vox, Spain’s hard-right party, explained

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The dark — and often misunderstood — nuclear history behind Oppenheimer, explained by an expert

Why Europe is so angry about Biden’s signature climate bill

Thailand’s democracy could still move forward — even without Pita

How bad will things get now that Russia has quit its grain deal with Ukraine?

Why ultra-green Germany turned its back on nuclear energy

Sudan’s mass grave is the latest development in a brutal conflict

What Ukraine did — and didn’t — get from the NATO summit